Our range of products includes certified, burglar-proof padlocks with a mechanical durability that is sure to amaze you. Our many years of experience and cutting-edge technologies that we use to manufacture our padlocks are a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Find a padlock to fit your needs

We’re aware that each of our Customers has their individual needs. That’s why we wanted to make sure that our range of products is as broad as possible.

Security first

If you’re looking for a way to protect your property, our padlocks are the perfect solution for you, no matter what level of protection you require. Apart from shackle and closed shackle padlocks, we offer straight shackle padlocks, available in the following varieties:
If you’re looking for the maximum level of protection, we recommend closed shackle padlocks:

Be ready for anything and sleep easy. GERDA products will ensure the security of all valuables you put in a cabinet or another container. Before they can make their way to our customers, every padlock must pass rigorous durability tests so that we can be certain that all our products are fully ready for use and resistant to mechanical damage.