The doors to apartments

Doors to apartments are intended for walls inside buildings as entrance doors leading from a corridor, staircase or other rooms. Since most often they are used as direct entrance from a corridor into an apartment, the door leaf is full – without glazing.

The company offers selection of doors of various degree of burglary resistance (depending on external threats) and of different styles (from traditional to modern), which enables Customers to choose proper doors according to specific needs and tastes.

Moreover, GERDA produces fire-proof doors as well as fire-proof and smoke-proof doors in a version of increased burglary resistance and with an decorative panel included. For demanding customers we have prepared additional decorative elements such as door bands and portals which emphasise door elegance.
Bands and portals may be installed on both metal doors and doors with decorative panels. A varied colour selection of metal doors and panel doors (including colours similar to natural wood) as well as signs match the style of door.

Apart from aesthetic values Gerda doors are distinguished by a solid construction and high quality of materials used for their production. For this reason, doors serve their function perfectly.