Doors to houses

Doors to houses are installed in external walls of buildings exposed to weather conditions i.e. temperature, sun, rainwater and wind. There are intended to isolate from adverse weather conditions and to protect people and possessions inside a house.

GERDA anti-burglary doors fulfil and even exceed all necessary requirements of norms applicable to external doors of higher burglary resistance. For demanding customer we have prepared additional decorative elements such as door bands and portals which emphasise the style and elegance of doors. Bands and portals may be installed on both metal doors and doors with decorative panels. The bands should be installed from the internal side of the room because they do not have proper resistance to external weather conditions.

Proper use of external doors:
  • It is recommended (if possible) to install doors with the opening direction to the outside which will improve the thermal insulation and water-resistance even more.
  • In order to preserve long lasting aesthetic appearance of panels/decorative foil the doors should not be exposed to direct impact of the sun (UV radiation) or precipitation.
  • Throughout the entire period of door use, the room where the door was installed should be properly ventilated and heated in winter because in rooms poorly heated with high humidity and without appropriate ventilation there may appear condensation of water steam on metal surfaces.

Door typeTechnical informationAnti-burglar equipnent
 ikona przeszkleniaikona grubosc skrzydlaWspółczynnik izolacji akustycznej [dB]ikona termikaclass C4klasa RCZamek centralny wielopunktowyIlość punktów ryglowania
 GlassDoor leaf thickness (mm)Ratio insulation acustic
(required min 27 dB)
Thermal heat transfer coefficient
(allowed max 1,7 W/ (m 2.K))
Burglary resistance class
Polish norm PN-90/B-92270
Burglary resistance class
European norm PN-ENV1627
Multipoint Central lockPoint bolts q`ties
WX 20 - 66 34 1,2 - RC2 - 6
CX 20 - 66 35 1,1 C RC3 9
SX 20 - 66 35 1,1 C RC4 15
GWX 20 66 35 1,3 - RC2N - 6
GSX 66 35 1,2 C RC3   14/15